Thursday, June 8, 2017

best. wedding. ever. SERIOUSLY!

going to the chapel and they're gonna get married...

all photos were taken by the amazing Amie Schroeder
Guys! When I tell you this was the best wedding ever, it really was! I mean, it'd be terrible if I didn't think that, right?! Everything about it was just so us and exactly what I never knew I always wanted. After trying to plan a wedding in our hometown (Philly) just did not seem financially possibly nor was there anything that checked off all of our boxes we played with the idea of having a destination wedding that was still possible for our guests to drive to. We threw around some random places but nothing stuck. Then, Salem came up! I had been there as a kid and just remembered visiting all of the Witch museums and getting some awesomely cheesy t-shirts with sayings like "witchy good times" on them. So of course we planned a trip back to visit and check out everything they had to offer. It was a dream! A cute small town -- the real life Stars Hollow -- on the water, everything walkable, amazing food and drinks, history-- book the date and sign the check! That's not too far off from how it went down! 

October 5, 2013 was the day! The planning was so much fun, I totally wish I could do it all over again. Our ceremony was held at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church right in the middle of the town and all of the action. It was the most perfect little and bright church, exactly what I wanted! A few blocks away was our reception site, Colonial Hall at Rockafellas, so so beautiful! And the food, people still talk about it! Tom is still upset he missed the sliders.. 

This was our house for the week, could it have been anymore perfect! If only the owner could have thrown it in as a wedding gift... 

Fall weddings are my favorite. And especially up North where the colors are just to die for! We tried to keep the theme going with every detail, "Sailor meets Witch", I'd say with the help of my mother in law, we nailed it!

I bought the first dress I tried on, I mean I entertained the idea of there being something else out there for me, but I just knew it! And my accessories, I loved how classic and beautiful they were, everything coordinated so well. 


the bridal party.. These are all of our best people, so lucky and fortunate for each and every one! Can we talk about how darling those little painted nails are, ahh!

flowers by Petals
bridesmaids dresses were from BHLDNjcrewShabby Apple
A wedding is not complete without a trolley ride!

girls dresses were handmade by local Philadelphia dressmaker and boys were dressed by Janie & Jack
the new mr & mrs... and the largest bridal party of the century! Seriously, there were so many of us, but I feel like the kids complete it, look how adorable they all were!

This photo of my little flower girls, it will have my heart forever! They are the absolute cutest and sweetest bunch I have ever seen! Oh my sweet girls, I'll remember you all just like this forever and always!!

 To say our reception was the best party I have ever been to is an understatement, our guests made this such an unforgettable celebration and showed us just how awesome they all are! We still watch our wedding video and just crack up at the dancing, the singing, everything! For that we are eternally grateful! Oh and don't think we didn't reenact a quite famous scene from Top Gun with a few guests in uniform! "you never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips...." so good, guys, so good!

mugs by anthropologie

so, yeah, BEST. WEDDING. EVER. check the hashtag #hellwedding on Instagram just to see for yourself! 

and they lived happily ever after....