Friday, August 4, 2017

a sticker a day to keep the monster away..

bow by zozu baby

Behavior is something we have a real issue with in this house, I mean, isn't that every house with toddlers or kids if we're all being honest! My girls just seem to have an extreme lack of listening skills and there's not much that seems to sink in for them.  Now that Matilda is just about 3 and she can really use her words and understand mine, it's time we try something new. This girl is ALL ABOUT STICKERS! Like I'm pretty sure she stuck with the 6 weeks of soccer just for the sticker at the end. She's obsessed! So what better way to work on behavior than a reward system with stickers included. We talked for awhile leading up to making it on how the process would work and things she would get a sticker for. We talked about there being a prize at the end, which made her eyes extremely large, but I decided because presents and the mailman are a regular thing around here (thanks, Grammy) that we'd make it an outing instead. She is the perfect age to start going to the library and the talk of getting her own library card was as if I surprised her with a brand new Mercedes on her 16th birthday, so cheers for the mom win! Because this was her first sticker chart I wanted her to get to the prize pretty quickly so she didn't lose interest or not understand there would be an end result. I gave her the choice up to ten of how many stickers she would need to earn, I was hoping she'd aim for five but the overachiever she is she went for all ten!

We pulled out all of our construction paper and markers and I let her design it. She chose minions stickers at the store to hang on the fridge and each time she earned a sticker she got to choose which minion she would put on her spaces. Seeing how proud she was of the chart and insanely excited by the minions I felt like this could work!

Some of the biggest challenges we have with Miss Matilda, other than listening in general, are hair washing and teeth brushing -- it's torture for everyone involved. So obviously these became big sticker winners if she would cooperate and go about these things as a civilized human. And fortunately for us it worked, and if Matilda is behaved for those things then little sister typically follows suit, and it's a win win! As the stickers started adding up we would count them and count how many she still needed to get. We would then talk about the prize and everything she imagines the library to be. I love this age because they can really run wild with an idea and it's something so small and common, but to them it's just everything!

While the sticker chart may not work for ever, it's definitely our go to right now. Let's just hope her love of stickers holds out until she's in college!

bow by ellia may designs

She made it to 10 and we had our first trip to the library! I'd love to hear what works for you little ones!